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Audience Response Systems (ARS) are great for finding out exactly what you’re audience is thinking at any moment in time.

But so is SMS Poll. So what’s the difference? Here is a breakdown of how SMS Poll compares to ARS.

Cost ARS SMS Poll
Average Cost for Presenter / Poll Organiser $50 per day $10 per month
Average Cost for Voter $8 per participant $0.04 per vote
Total Cost of Ownership for Large Organisation or
Educational Institution
Hundreds of
Thousands of Dollars
Tens of
Thousands of Dollars
Accessibility ARS SMS Poll
Proprietary Hardware Required Not Required
Proprietary Software Required Not Required
Audience Can Vote Using Their Own Mobiles No Yes
Results Accessible Anywhere / Anytime No Yes
Poll Audiences in Different Locations (TV, Print, Adverts) No Yes
No Hassle - No Hardware to Carry Around or Distribute No Yes
No Need to Recharge Devices No Yes
Functionality ARS SMS Poll
Send Poll Results to Your Mobile No Yes
Track Results Over Time No Yes
Real-Time Charts in Websites or Blogs No Yes
Animate Charts / Real-Time Updating Yes Yes
Charts in PowerPoint Yes Yes
Non-Anonymous Voting Available Yes Coming Soon
Open Ended Text Responses to Questions Yes Coming Soon
Number of Voters Supported Up to 1000 Unlimited
How To Obtain Latest Upgrades / Features Download New Software
/ Upgrade
Instantly Available
No Downloads
Ease of Use and Setup ARS SMS Poll
Effort to Create and Setup a New Poll Hours Minutes
Training Required Yes - $80 / Hour No
Technician Required Yes - $60 / Hour No
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