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What is SMS Poll?

SMS Poll is the easiest and fastest way to find out what your students, fans, customers, conference attendees, audience or anyone else is thinking! Requiring no special hardware or software, anyone can create a poll in just a few seconds. Your audience votes by sending an SMS to a local phone number and the results are updated right before your eyes, in real-time, in your PowerPoint presentation or on your website.

SMS Poll is the simplest and best SMS voting and audience response system on the market. Best of all, the power is truly in your hands - setup is instant and anyone can use it. You can create as many polls as you'd like, choose from a variety of different charts and effects to apply to your real-time results, and download the results at any time to Excel for analysis. And if you're away from your computer or don't have access to the Internet, you can even have the latest results sent to your mobile phone.

Sign Up for our Free Plan now and give it a try. No risks, no obligations, no catches.

How does it work?

There are four simple steps to SMS Poll.

Create: Type in your poll question and up to ten possible responses.
Customise: Select colours, fonts, effects, and chart styles for your poll results.
Share: Add your poll to your PowerPoint presentation, website or blog.
Vote: Have your audience vote by sending an SMS and watch the results update in real-time.

Of course there are lots of other fun features you can take advantage of too, such as Web Voting and receiving the poll results on your mobile or downloading them all to Excel.

For a complete overview of SMS Poll, please visit the How It Works page.

How is it different from an Audience Response System?

SMS Poll is ten times less expensive than traditional Audience Response Systems and requires no special hardware or software. For a detailed comparison, please have a look at the Why We're Different page.

What are the applications of SMS Poll?

The applications are limitless, but here are a few of the most common:

Teachers use SMS Poll to actively involve all students in the learning process, keeping them engaged, improving their knowledge retention, and assessing their understanding and retention of course material.

Promoters use SMS Poll to let the crowd select the song the band plays for its encore or the game's Man of the Match.

Event Planners use SMS Poll to find out delegate opinions, encourage full attendee participation, and offer audience choice contests throughout the event.

Public Speakers use SMS Poll to grab the audience's attention, tailor their presentations based on audience response, and encourage discussion and debate.

Market Researchers use SMS Poll to instantly gather data from a large group of people without ever having to fill-in or collate paper forms.

Not For Profits use SMS Poll to increase participation at charity events and silent auctions, and allow religious leaders to poll their congregation.

Corporations use SMS Poll to measure the effectiveness of training programs, gain open and honest feedback from anonymous responses, and gather instant feedback at product launches.

How does my audience vote?

To vote, your audience simply uses their mobile phones to send a text message to a local phone number. In the body of the message they indicate the option they would like to vote for (we provide a unique number for each option to make it really easy for your audience to vote).

Your audience can also vote online if you enable Web Voting.

How fast do votes show up and how will I see the results?

Votes are received and displayed in just a few seconds.

How much does it cost to use SMS Poll?

We have a variety of different pricing plans to suit every requirement, including a completely Free Plan.

You say you have a Free Plan. What's the catch?

No catch, we promise. When you Sign Up for our free plan you will never be asked for any form of payment and you can use SMS Poll for as long as you like. If you require additional votes or would like to take advantage of some of our cooler features, you can upgrade at any time. But if the Free Plan meets your requirements, enjoy!

How much does it cost for a person to vote on one of my polls?

To vote, your audience sends an SMS to a local phone number. This is not a premium number so there is absolutely no charge for sending this message other than the standard local SMS charge they would incur the same as if they sent an SMS to a friend. In Australia this is less than 4 cents a message on most plans.

Is there a limit to how many polls I have or how many votes I can receive?

There is no limit to how many polls you can have.

The number of votes you can receive is limited by poll and by month based on the pricing plan that you are on.

Can I use my own custom keywords or phone number for my poll?

Yes. We do support these features but not as part of our standard pricing plans. Please contact us for more information.

Can users vote over the web?

Yes. SMS Poll offers Web Voting which allows you to place your poll on your website or blog. Your audience simply clicks on the vote button next to the option they wish to vote for and the results will be updated accordingly. We give you all the HTML code you need to include the poll question, possible responses, and voting buttons on your site - all you need to do is cut and paste.

Can I embed my poll in PowerPoint and see the results update in real-time?

Yes. This is incredibly simple to do and we even provide you with a template to download. You run your PowerPoint presentation like you would any other and your customised chart will appear along with voting instructions for your audience and as the votes come in, the chart will animate and update in real-time.

Can I embed my poll in a website or blog and see the results update in real-time?

Yes. Just take the HTML code we provide, add it to your site, and you're done. We've tested SMS Poll across Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, WordPress, My Space and a host of other platforms so that you don't have to.

Can I download my poll results to a spreadsheet?

Yes. You can download detailed poll results, including precisely when each vote was received, to Excel and analyse them to your heart's content!

Can I change the look and feel of my chart?

Absolutely. You can change colours, fonts, gradients and sizes to make the charts look exactly how you want them to look!

And because SMS Poll uses Adobe Flash (which 99% of browsers already have) to display your results, no special hardware or software is required.