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SMS Poll Pty Ltd is a rapidly growing and highly adaptive real-time audience voting service, remodelling the Audience Response System (ARS) market to provide a cheaper, more accessible and modern offering.

SMS Poll commenced trading in early 2008 with a management team based in Sydney, Australia. The product and services of SMS Poll are currently available in Australia, the UK & Europe, USA and New Zealand.

Requiring no special hardware or software, SMS Poll rivals traditional ARS at a fraction of the cost, and eliminates the need to pay for expensive technicians and pass out clickers or configure voting software and transport heavy equipment – all traits of traditional ARS.

Enhancing the power of SMS technology, SMS Poll’s core offering allows its users to poll live audiences (unlimited in size) with professional charts updating and displaying incoming votes to the audience and presenter in real-time. SMS Poll is an innovative solution introducing a new heightened level of audience engagement, interactivity, participation and potential two-way communication to any event or occasion.

To date SMS Poll has provided real-time polling solutions and custom polling campaigns to an international audience including a number of global blue chip brands.

Benefiting from in-house product development and access to a level of open source technology, SMS Poll is able to reduce time to market and provide substantial cost savings to new and existing customers requiring a professional and reliable real-time audience polling solution.

If you have a strategic proposition or an investor-related enquiry about SMS Poll please email us on to initiate discussion with our management.